Sunday, March 14, 2010

Chitchat with Rod

Finally!  Me and my friend Rod (short for Rodelyn) was able to had an afternoon chitchat after almost a year without seeing each other.  Rod is my former officemate at Intel and although she resigned two years ago before Intel closes, we always find time to meet just to talk and have some fun. 

I remembered the first time I seen her and talked with her, gosh it's as if we known each other for so long and that was the start of our friendship and good working relationship.  From then on, we really find time to see each other every time she is around Cavite.  Usually we meet at SM Dasmarinas just like what we did last Wednesday.  We had some shakes at Mocha Blend and talk for almost two hours!  hehehe.  Oh well, she was just so excited to catch up with my lovelife and I was just too glad to share my happy moments I and hon-hon had (hmmm, talking about the love of my life, I wonder what he is doing right now. LOL!).  Going back with Rod, I was so glad to finally see her again.  We reminisce the old days that we were working at Intel.  There are happy news and bad news at the same time but I think that is part of everyone's life.

After eating, we decided to see a movie and we were just so glad that "Extra Ordinary Measures" was already showing.  It was a good movie and I am glad that I was able to seen it, although there are times that I wish hon-hon was with us during that day.  I think I couldn't take away that thoughts anymore.  Anyway, I and Rod still had so much fun that day!  I wish her good luck to her new job.

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