Thursday, March 4, 2010

Curtains or Blinds?

I woke up this morning sweating even if the fan was directly pointing at me.  Summer is really killing me this year!  It was so hot that I even got rashes already.  It is so uncomfortable especially when you are sweating because it makes my skin itchy.  I don't want to open my aircon because I am afraid of the electric bill's nightmare.  Last month alone, my electric bill doubled because I open my aircon several times.  I don't want to happen that again and so I really made a decision not to use it this summer instead put some other solutions for my window.

I am an early riser but since its summer time, the sun is already in full blown as early as 7:00 am.  It makes my room hotter since the big window in my room is directly facing the sun especially at that time.  I don't have blinds to stop the rays of the sun in coming in to my room which in result affects the temperature of my room.  Although I have curtains hanging but I think it is not enough cover to protect my room from too much exposure in the sun.  I am thinking of buying a new blinds but I have to very really tight with my budget.  Oh well, let's see!

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