Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hair Loss Dilemma

Are you having the same problem as me?  I changed my shampoo recently because I am having trouble loosing so much hair especially every after bath using the shampoo that I previously used.  I also decided not to use too much conditioner because I feel that I loss hair more every time I use a conditioner.  I am worried with my hair loss because this is the first time I encountered this.  I have long black hair and hair loss was never been my problem before until now.  I am considering to use hair loss vitamins to address the problem.  I still have to check the best one when I visit the mall.  I know that there are hair vitamins that will prevent hair losses.  I wish I can address this soon.  It is not so nice to see my hair in every part of my house, more so to become bald just because I was not able to address this problem.

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