Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I almost Forgot this!

I was so thankful when the wife of my friend uploaded our graduation picture in facebook.  Gosh, how time flies so fast?  It was almost three years since we celebrated our graduation day in college.  I was so full of hope that time.  So many plans has been laid and although most of it had been granted it didn't fly the way I expected it to be.  Nevertheless, I enjoyed the fruits of my labor even just for a year.  Looking back, I wish I took up other courses related to the things I really enjoyed most.  I'm not sure if I will go back to practicing engineering because I feel that I will not really be happy in that field, though, I am not renouncing whatever values, learning, and experiences I had.  The important thing is, I was able to finish the race.  Now, I am ready to start again but I will be wiser this time.  Life is a constant change but no matter how hard it is, life should continue to go on because it is always worthwhile.

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