Saturday, March 6, 2010

An Invitation from a Friend

I just finished talking with my bespren who is working in Manila.  He is inviting me to join them going to Coron Palawan this April.  He don't have a choice but to join the group going there since his ticket has been booked already as well as the hotel reservation.  He is inviting me because the people that are going to join are our common friends from Sister's of Mary.  I told him that I don't want to go because I don't have a budget and it will be different because hon-hon is not there.  He was teasing me that I won't be able to see his beautiful body and I laugh and told him, who cares? hahaha.

He is one of my close friends from Sister's of Mary.  He is like a little brother to me and I really feel comfortable with him.  Maybe it is because of the fact that we both came from the same schools and he is really a good man.  I used to tease him before that he was chubby and maybe that was the reason why he wanted to show off.  Oh well, thanks to testosterone cream because it helps him get rid of his baby fats. hahahahaha.  I told him to bring the girl that he is courting and he asked me what is the meaning of courtship.  Oh well, I know that he just don't know how to court a girl. hahahaha.  I can't stop laughing when we talked.  I just hope that this buddy of mine will find his soulmate soon.

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joy said...

so happy for you sis! magbabakasyon pala si hon-hon this summer.....sobrang saya yon.

where are you planning to go this summer?