Friday, March 26, 2010

Its like MAGIC!

I was enjoying my coffee outside the house when my cellphone rang, and guess what?  It is hon-hon whose calling!  Yay!  I never been happier when I saw the name reflecting in my cellphone's monitor and I almost jumped when I finally heard his voice.  Thanks God, hon-hon is doing great.  I just been paranoid thinking so much about his condition.  He explained what happened and I do understand him.  He been traveling a lot because of his work and never really had a chance to talk with me.  He also been to Haiti to help people there and knowing the situation there he won't really had a chance to talk with me.  He also checked some stuff in London and see how it is there if in case he don't have choice to move.  He was really sorry for not having a communication with me those days but of course he also misses me.  I know that because he phoned me the moment he arrived his house and to make up with his absence, he never turned off the cam and allow me see him sleeping.  Now, I am relieve, happy and contented.  I am also thankful to God for taking care of my hon-hon.  Wow!  The moment I talked with him its as if things are back to normal.  Ching, ching!  It is like magic. LOL!  Now, no more sleepless nights.  LOL!


joy said...

hi sis! so happy for you. i know now you can sleep well and enjoy your day because finally you get to talk to your hon-hon.

chubskulit said...

Hi sis, glad to know you're okay now.

Just want to let you know about the auto played song here at your site, entrecard might sanctioned you about that, it is against their OTS.

I like the music though, in fact i blogged about it lol..

Yen said...

Hello there gracie, Im hapy for you sis:-)