Monday, March 1, 2010

Scheduled Black Out this Summer

I started my day with so much happiness because I received a call from hon-hon not only once but twice!  Oh yeah, he miss me so much and so am I.  Our call lasted for more than an hour.  My phone was sizzling hot already when we finally finished talking.  I think one of the common things between me and hon-hon is the fact that we just love to talk just anything under the sun.  Lol! 

It was right after we finished talking when my laptop shutdown as well as my aircon (I opened it for a little while because it was really hot! I just hope it will not damaged my budget, LOL!).  Darn!  We don't have electric power and it was already hot since it is almost mid-day.  I waited a little bit longer waiting for the power but I'm not successful about it since I was sweating so hard already.  I had no choice but to go out to get some fresh air.  My neighbors were also outside and that was when I learned that Meralco has this power black out scheme to coup up with the effect of El Nino.

Of course we are not happy with that but we also understand that Meralco are doing that to avoid much longer black out time.  So every part of Luzon will encounter black out this summer but the good thing about it is that it will be announce over the Philippines daily news in which area will have a black out.  Bad news is, I don't have TV so I'm always late with the news. LOL!

Black out schedule is at least 2 hours per day.  Just watch for the news so that you will be on guard when that happen to your area.  Check out all your appliances for safety precautions to avoid fire.  We all know that the cases of fire accident increases during summer and one of the cause of that is faulty wiring.  Be safe this summer.  Make your summer fun, memorable and accident free!

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joy said...

hi sis! oo nga nag start na yung rotational two hour brown out. okay lang basta two hours lang tsaka sa araw, wag lang sa gabi, hirap kasi matulog nun.