Monday, March 8, 2010

Shopping Time!

Finally, I had a chance to do my shopping yesterday.  My groceries are almost empty and so I have no choice but to buy necessary things for myself.  Since my sister got my green shopping bag, I also decided to purchase another one. I like this bag compared to typical plastic bags because this not only support the call for support in addressing the global warming problems that the world is facing right now but it is also practical and economical since I can use it anywhere.

After I'm done with my groceries, I went upstairs and look for apple computer.  I know I'm dreaming but I love to canvas and look for new laptops.  Of course, I'm not planning to buy a new one.  I just love looking for new laptops and compare the prices and built in capabilities.  Maybe one day I will be able to buy one.

Then after that, I decided to go back home.  I only shop for my groceries and nothing else.  It is more important than any other things.  I was satisfied with the results of my shopping and went home happy.

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