Wednesday, March 17, 2010

SOM 25th Grand Alumni Homecoming

Last Sunday was one of the highlights of my week.  Although I was not able to talk with hon-hon that day, I was able to visit and participate with the Sister's Of Mary (SOM) 25th Grand Alumni Homecoming.  Wow!  We are already celebrating our silver anniversary.  That's another miles stone for Sisters of Mary Alumni.

For the benefits of other reading this blog, Sister's of Mary School is an exclusive school for boys and girls serving poor but talented students.  This is an institution wherein students enjoyed the good quality education without paying anything and I once upon a time, I also become a part of this school.  I love the simplicity of life here and been missing it every now and then.

Going back at our 25th Grand Alumni Celebration, it was really a blast.  Oh well, every time the graduates of the Sister's of Mary gathered in one place, expect everyone to be really excited.  We are like family that we always enjoy the company of one another.  Of course during the celebration, there are foods that you can enjoy and I can't help but smile looking at my batch mates.  We are getting old and one of the things that worry us is the fact that we are getting bigger and bigger.  LOL!  We have been discussing that as well because a lot of us really gained weight since the last time we seen each other.  They been asking me what is my secret in maintaining my weight and I said that I am having my diets for quick weight loss and been consistent to do it. LOL!  I know I also miss it once in awhile.

We love to talk with each other and topics go anywhere.  Many of my batch mates are now married and they even brought their kids along with them.  Aside from eating time, there were also programs for the graduates.  I can't help but to admire the kids of the Sister's of Mary.  There so much talent in them.  I remembered every single moment when I was still like those little kids.  Life was so simple and peaceful back then.  I think that was the reason why we keep on coming back to that place because we always find peace and tranquility within that place.

After the program, we had a chance to do our regular meeting with our own respective batches.  We were so excited during the meeting because we discussed the things we will be doing this coming August 15 as our gift of the kids.  Our batch will be co-sponsoring with other higher batches for August 15 celebration.  Gosh, we have to make these 7000+ kids happy on the 15th of August.  Right now we were doing pledges to fill the budget needed.  For ice cream alone, we have to spend around 100K pesos!  Whoa, where are we going to get that?  Oh well, I know that the spirit of teamwork among the graduates are always there.  We done this before and we are confident that we can do this again and again.  This is our ways of saying thank you to the congregation that took good care of us for four long years of our high school life and we will never forget about that. 

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