Friday, March 19, 2010

Table Lamp

This is one of the days that I really feel empty.  I don't know but I think it is because of the fact that I am wishing for hon-hon to be here but he can't be here.  I decided to go out to unwind, I need a space to breath.  I need to see new environment for me not to focus on waiting and waiting, so I decided to go to the supermarket.  Gosh, there were many people out there because today is the start of their 3 days sales for all items.

I went to the furniture section and checked items for sales.  I was really amazed of the 50% off they offered for many items including office furniture, chairs, tables, beds, wall decor, lampshades, cabinets and many other furniture.  Then I've seen this beautiful table lamp and I couldn't help but smile of the thought it brought me.  Oh well, I have to buy a table first before I can buy this table lamp.  Right honey?

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