Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Thanks to Inflatable Swimming Pool

Yesterday and today are one of the hottest days ever!  It was so hot that we decided to inflate the ready made swimming pool.  I almost gave up inflating the pool because it seems that no air are coming in the pool and I felt that I was just wasting my time.  I was just so glad when Liza's hubby helped me.  Goodness, there's a technique to inflate it.  The reason why no air coming in the pool was that I was not pressing the hole where the air should come in.  How would I know?  It was my first time to do it.  grrrr. hahahaha

After inflating, it was time to fill the pool with water.  Good thing Ate Criz handed me the hose so it was easy to fill the pool with water.  The grandest time was when everything was set-up.  Yahoo!  Time to swim!  I had so much fun being in the water though I cannot really swim.  I can't be a mermaid nor a dolphin at that pool because it's too small. LOL!  Well anyway, that pool at least help me and Kyla (ate Criz' daughter) cool down and beat the heat of the sun.  I still wanted to have a real swim though.  Hmmm, maybe during hon-hon's vacation?  I am sure I will!  LOL!

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