Thursday, March 11, 2010

Water Problem in Bicol

It is raining today here at my place but my mom said that it is still very hot in Bicol.  Now that El Nino is on its peak, water is one of the main concerns there.  I remembered the last time I went home that the main source of their water system has been shut down due to a mechanism problems.  One of the main problems they encountered is the lack of spares part that needed to let the pump running.  I am just so glad when I learned that it was already been fixed and the water district management even change to stainless steel drums for their water reservoirs.  I know how important it is to change their water reservoir because it addresses their problem about rusting.  Now, they can be sure for the quality of their water reservoirs as well as the longevity of the reservoirs.

Going back to water problem today, I think it is because of the El Nino that is why supply of water is now lacking.  I wish the rain will pour at their place as well.

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joy said...

it's a welcome relief that it rained the other day but i hope we'll have more rain in the coming days; our crops are drying even our dams are on its critical level already.

rain, rain, please come again! =)