Sunday, March 7, 2010

Weekend Blast!

I had so much fun this weekend.  Oh well, thanks to my loving hon-hon for making my weekend an extra special.  He is 130,000 miles away from me but never missed a chance to make me happy and make me feel so special.  What happened last weekend is because of my honey's generosity.  At first he was suggesting that I and my friends should visit Eduardos and have some fun.  I don't want to go there if he is not my companion because that place had so many memories of us together.  I will just feel sad if I go there without him.

But he was really insisting that I should do some bonding time and some fun together with my friends and he even sent a money for that!  Oh, yes, that's my hon.  So what we did, we just cooked some spaghetti and fried chicken.  I also bought some drinks for us.  I also gave my neighbors some of what we cooked and they were asking if it was my birthday. LOL!

Lyn, one of my friend is really a good cook.  The spaghetti and chicken are awesomely delicious that we don't want to stop eating!  Oh dear, our diets!  After this event, I think we need to have our adipex diet pills to easily shed off the extra calories we eat.  I know, I am becoming weight conscious this past few months.  Oh well, you can't blame me if I wanted to look sexy and beautiful for the love of my life.  In two months time hon-hon will be here and I really want to be pretty for him.

Anyway, my weekend was really a blast and had so much fun together with my friends.  Here are some of our pictures last Sunday.  Opps,again, it was not my birthday.  Hon-hon just wanted me to be happy and he made it possible because I had a happy time together with my friends.  That simple meal mean so much to me and to my friends.  Thank you so much hon-hon!  I love you so much!


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