Thursday, March 4, 2010

What Kind of Bride You will Be?

I've seen the result of Jennie's bridal quiz and I can't help myself but to take the bridal quiz as well.  I don't know but I think it is every woman's wishes especially when you already found the man that you are looking for.  I'm just not sure if men in this century wish for this as well. LOL!  Anyway, the result of my quiz is....

You Will Be A Modern Bride!


While you aren't ready to throw away all wedding traditions, you want a wedding with a twist
You're more inspired by celebrity weddings on E! than from bridal magazines
Whether this means getting married on the beach barefoot or a mariachi band for the reception...
Your wedding will be a blend of old and new - white dress cocktail, personalized vows, whatever suites you!!! 

Now it is your turn...

What Kind of Bride Will You Be?

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