Friday, April 23, 2010

Adrenaline Rush!

I am getting excited especially now that hon-hon's visit is getting closer.  I even cleaned my doll house from floor to ceiling.  I also unload and cleaned all the things inside my cabinets.  I make sure that my bathroom's floor is properly cleaned as well.  Oh well, I don't have a garage so I am not worried about dirty garage floor. LOL!  Everything seems so clean already but I have to do it again before hon-hon's arrival.  I am so excited of the thought that hon-hon will be visiting soon and so my adrenaline rush drive me to clean every corner of my doll house! Hahahaha!  I can't help it as I need to release this excitement by doing things inside my house.  I am always like this every time I get excited and you cannot blame me because I been wishing and hoping that hon-hon will be here soon......

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