Sunday, April 25, 2010


That is what I am feeling right now....  I am anticipating of something great to happen and yet not really sure if it will come at last.  I am still waiting for some good news from the love of my life whether is a green or red.  Excited?  Yes and No.....  Yes because it is almost there and No because it is not there yet.  Ahhhh.....  It is really a mix feelings and it is hard but I have to wait and wait and wait.  It is only hon-hon that can finalize everything.

The good thing about my hon-hon is that he is polishing everything and never really gave me a false hope.  He laid out all the facts that I have to know so that come what may I will be able to understand everything.  I am also thankful seeing him doing all the things within his power to make with his promise of coming here.  It is hard to wait but it is much harder to decide without considering the facts of life.  We both have to weight things to come up with the best decision and jeopardizing the future because we decide without consideration.  Hon-hon is a man who always see the big pictures while I am a kind of woman who see the smallest things.  In that special way we both compliment each other.

Right now, I am still waiting for the final decision and been praying that what will happen is what we both wanted.  I know that hon-hon also needs this as he been working too much.  He need a brake to regain his strenght and I also know how much he misses me.  While for me, I need to really see him as I really miss him so much.  I am hoping and praying that things comes into its right places to make things happen.........  May God bless us both....

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