Monday, April 19, 2010

Beautiful Handbag

After our meeting yesterday, I decided to dropped by at the mall not really looking for anything specific.  I just wanted to linger and prolong my stay outside my house.  Yesterday was one of the days that I hate the silence of my house because it just make me sad.

While strolling inside the mall, I noticed this beautiful handbag.  I couldn't help but to stop by and check it out and oh my, it is one of the marc jacobs handbags collections! Oh dear, I just like the way it has been made.  It is so simple yet elegant.  I know that it will look more beautiful in my shoulder especially during our Palawan's escapade.  LOL!  I wish!  But I also know that there are more important things need to be prepared first than having this beautiful handbags.  Maybe some other time..........

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