Monday, April 19, 2010


More than the pretty face, I like JLo's abs.  Huh?  Oh yes!  I been dreaming this kind of abs ever since I started working out but gosh, it is really hard to achieve this kind of goal.  Or maybe I really need the help of natural weight loss pills available online. What do you think? LOL!

Kidding aside, who wouldn't want this kind of body?  Having a sexy abs is really different for having a bulky one.  First, you can confidently wear anything you want especially this summer.  Second, of course it makes you even more beautiful and confident.

This has been my goal since 2007 but never been really successful about it.  Sometimes I am really tempted to take some diet pills but since I still believe that the natural way is the best way to trim down so I think I really have to be patient.  May be soon I will also have this kind of body.  LOL!

Am I dreaming?  Hahahaha!  Well, I guess yes........


joy said...

hi gracie! oo nakakainggit yung abs i wish ganun din yung abs ko. hehehe. ako rin, i try to lose some weight but i really find it difficult kasi ang sarap kumain. stay pretty and sexy rin sis!

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