Monday, April 19, 2010


Are you suffering from insomnia?  Well, a friend of mine does.  Just this morning when she told me that she didn't get enough sleep again.  But even if she hasn't told me about it I know that she doesn't have enough sleep because of those dark circles in her eyes.  I already told her to take the best sleeping pill to help her get enough sleep.  I know how hard it is for her because she has kiddos to take care with during the day time.

To help her solve her problem, I tried to research about insomnia to understand the causes and to know the possible treatment.  In my research, I learned that there are patterns of insomnia and my friend is suffering from transient insomnia.  This is a type of insomnia wherein a patient will suffer sleepless nights in less than a week.  This type of insomnia is caused by stress, severe depression, sleeping disorder or changes in sleep environment.

So I talked with my friend and asked why she can't sleep.  She told me that she been thinking a lot about her hubby who is currently working abroad.  Hmmm, now I know why her insomnia is active again.  So I told her to relax and busied herself to something else rather than thinking about her hubby.  I think that is the only thing she can do right now because if this illness will continue, she might get really sick later on.

I'm just glad that my sleep is never been my problem.  Well it does, sometimes.........  when I and hon-hon has misunderstanding.  I am just so glad that my hon-hon always makes sure how much he love me so it's always been a good night sleep. LOL!

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