Saturday, April 24, 2010

It is not bad to dream...........

It is too hot today and so humid that I wish I am surrounded with lots and lots of trees.  Yes, I am happy with my doll house.  It is one of my treasured possessions that really came from my own sweat and blood.  I worked so hard to have this but there are times that I wish I have a bigger house as well as a garden wherein I can enjoy chatting with my hon-hon and with my friends.  A garden so full of trees and flowers, a garden wherein I can put outdoor chairs, tables and outdoor patio cushions.  Oh and I also want a big swimming pool wherein I and hon-hon will be able to enjoy the coolness of water.

Ahhhh........  That is the life that I dream for............  Do you think it is bad to dream?

1 comment:

joy said...

everything starts with a dream sis! kaya your dream of a big house is coming in the near future complete with a swimming pool. :)