Sunday, April 11, 2010


Yay!  Finally, hon-hon said his word.  He is coming home!  Yipppee.  Gosh, I cannot contain my happiness.  I was practically jumping when he finally said the he is coming.  Month of June is very special for both of us, first it's honey's birthday and then our anniversary.  Wow!  How times flies so fast.  We will be turning one this year.  A year of happiness with him is comparable to none.  I know that there will be more years to come and I am just excited as it is.

Going back to hon-hon's vacation brought me a lot of memories like the table lamp, Tagaytay, Cebu, Bohol, Bicol, Eduardos, gagamba song and many other things and place that created impact to his vacation.  And now, gosh, He is coming home again.  I am so excited to see him again.  I know that it will be different this time.  We are planning to go to Palawan and stay there for a week.  I already been to Palawan and I know how beautiful the place is but this time will be a lot different because my companion is the one that I really wanted to be.

Planning, planning and more planning!  Oh dear, I just can't stop counting the days.  How I wish that it is already June but I know that May needs come first. hehehe.  Oh well, patience is a virtue.  All I need is to wait and count 1..... 2......  and Yay! hon-hon is here!!!!

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joy said...

hi gracie! i'm sure super excited ka at padating na si hon-hon. malapit na yon, hindi mo mamamalayan andiyan na siya ulit. i'm super happy for you.