Friday, April 23, 2010

Let's go to Divisoria!

I been to Manila yesterday to met a friend and talk about business deal and since our meeting place is near Divisoria, I and Crizzy decided to drop by and look for anything that we can buy.  Divisoria is a place wherein you can buy just anything like bags, clothes, fruits and any other things at a lower cost.  Since it is still summer time, I decided to look for shorts that I can use in the house and shorts that I can wear when going out.

It was already past 2:00 pm when we arrived the place and so we did not waste any time to look for the things we need.  We specifically chose 168 mall because we know that we know that they have good choices of clothes there.

Gosh, there so many things we seen that we really wanted to buy but since we don't have that much money we just concentrated in looking for the summer dresses that we need.  I was so happy because I was able to bought four pieces of shorts that I can use in going out, then five pieces of shorts that I can use in the house and 2 pieces of sleeveless shirt and one beautiful summer dress for only a thousand pesos!  Imagine the cost?  It is really lower compared if I buy in the mall although of course the quality is also different since what you will get in the mall are signature clothes.  Oh well, I don't really care as I can put my own signature if I wish to. Hahahaha!  Just kidding..........

Crizzy and Kyla was also able to get what they wanted and also happy with the price.  It is all worth it traveling that far but getting the right product that you wanted.  I know some people would say its cheap and so on but who cares?  LOL!  I love the shorts and the dress that I bought and can't wait to wear it!  hehehe.........

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