Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Outing Bloopers

 Hahahahaha!  I am so sorry as I couldn't stop my laughter every time I think about what happened last night.  Alright, here is what happened yesterday...........

It was so hot and because the electricity that time was so low, the water pump in our subdivision cannot deliver water as well.  Usually there's an announcement when to expect the cut of water supply due to their regular monthly cleaning of the reservoir.  But since what happened with the supply of the electricity is out of their control they have choice but to cut the water supply without prior notice.  It was already late when I discovered that we don't have water supply that day.  I wasn't even able to take a bath which I usually done early.  So I went to Crizzy's house to check the reason for water shortage.  She also don't know the reason and it was actually one of our neighbors that told me why.

We don't have choice but to wait until we decide to have a night swimming in the resort near our place.  We contacted Thess and Lhyn for the plan and luckily they agreed to come.  Crizzy prepared for the meal while I bought fish to the food that Crizzy was preparing.  Kyla, Crizzy's daughter were so excited as well as Precious, Chritian (Lhyn's kids) and Cloyd (Thess' kiddo).  I was so excited as well because that was actually our first time to hang out in the resort.  The gang were complete as well and so we were expecting a happy time together. 

It was already 7:00 pm when we left the house but since the resort is just outside the gate of our subdivision we were able to reach it within 5 mins travel time.  Before we go at the resort, we thought that the entrance fee is just around 150 pesos for adults and kids below 3 feet will be considered free of charge.  That was we thought since we just had a summer outing at that place last summer.

When we inquired the lady manning the entrance, gosh!  Oh gosh!  Entrance for adults is 200 pesos and kids above 3 feet is already considered adults then kids below 3 feet will need to pay 150 pesos for entrance.  We computed the money that we had and it was really hilarious because what we had in our pocket was not enough to even cover the entrance fee!  Hahahahaha!  We were all laughing because we don't have choice but to go back home with the kids asking why we can't go in.  How can we explain that we don't have enough money to even cover our entrance fee?  LOL!

Oh well, hilarious it can be we still enjoyed the night.  We just bought roasted chicken in our way home then we eat outside Crizzy's house.  The kids just build a tent to where they can play and have fun while I and my friends busied ourselves chatting, eating, laughing and taking pictures.  hehehehe...  We still have fun even if our supposedly night swimming did not materialized.

Moral of the story?  Always bring an extra cash!  Sometimes enough is not really enough.  LOL!  Aside from that, place really doesn't matter to have some fun, it is your companion that matters a lot!

Now, see how our outing bloopers turned out to be......  Enjoy the pics!

Kids are enjoying building their tent/play house

Busy Eating!

Picture Addict!

The Children with the child at HEART. LOL!

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