Monday, April 19, 2010

Sister's of Mary 2010 Foundation Day - Preparation....

I finally got the meeting minutes of our meeting last Sunday.  Although we don't have definite figures yet on how much the cost of the ice cream that will be providing for 7,500++ kids I am sure that it will be a lot.  But it really does not matter because we know how will it mean so much for the kinds.  Right now we are in the process of collecting the fledges from the graduates in preparation for the Sister's of Mary 2010 Foundation day and that will be on August 15.

August 15 is the Sister of Mary's foundation day.  This is one special event for the Sisters of Mary and much more for the kids since it is the day when everyone celebrated their birthday.  Just like the grand alumni homecoming, August 15 is when most of the graduates comes to visit SOM although this celebration is centered for the kids who are currently enrolled for this year.  As part of the tradition, there are graduates that usually sponsored this particular event and for this year, batch 1-5 are the sponsors.

Since I am a part of the big population of 5th batch graduates, I wanted to take part of this especial event.  This is one of my ways of giving back what I enjoyed before.  I been once a kid and also enjoyed our foundation day and so I see to it that I am able to hang out and have fun with the kids every foundation day whether we are the sponsor or not.

This year will be a lot different because I am a part from the preparation until the actual celebration.  I am really excited but worried as well because of the number of kids that we need to feed.  I am also happy because the help coming from my fellow alumni is extremely overwhelming.  Fledges are increasing every single day and we are confident that we will be able to meet our target by the end of June.  We wanted this to be more fun and more exciting for our little sisters and brother who are still inside the Sister's of Mary.  I am praying that all our plans will really materialize..........

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