Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Thanks God I have FRIENDS

I really miss hon-hon especially when occasions like Easter came.  Sometimes I wonder why we need to be separated for so long.  I just wanted to be with him to enjoy and cherish every moments but I think there are things that are not easy to do.  In times like this, my friends here in our subdivision really help a lot to make my days happier even my hon-hon is very far from me.  They are just like my angels that help me get by day by day in their own simple ways.

I am really thankful for having them.  Aside from my two best of friends (Wella and Rujhon), Thess, Crizzy and Lhyn are the friends that I really cherish.  They are all amazing person and I am really thankful I met them.  They met hon-hon and they also knows how I miss hon-hon every single day.  Sometimes, they came here in my house bringing food for me so that I don't need to go out to buy for my food.  There are also times that they drop by here just to say hi and ask if I am alright.  There are times that we gather at Crizzy's house or Thess' house to have some fun like singing in karaoke or just talk while enjoying our meal.  There were times when we enjoyed the rain and savor the taste of coffee at my house.

I don't need to go out just to enjoy.  Those little things make me happy and that is what I need.  It is hard when you are too far from the person you wanted most but because of friends and family you are able to endure the sad truth of your situation.  I am just so glad and thankful that God give me friends that I can turn to whenever I need someone that I can lean on.

Just like last night when we had so much fun enjoying our dinner outside Crizzy's house.  We don't have money to enjoy the ambiance of the beach and so what we did was that we turn the place into a beach like ambiance (see the pictures below).  We also enjoyed the last drop of Baileys that hon-hon brought here during his visit.  It was actually just a simple meal but I was so glad to have this kind of bonding time with them.  I am just a little bit sad because Lhyn was not able to make it that night but anyway we still enjoyed our meal together.

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joy said...

friends are indeed great blessings in our lives!