Saturday, May 8, 2010

Because You are Special - I love you Nanay!

I am giving this post to the most adorable and wonderful person in my life.... My mother...  I often call her nanay which is the tagalog version of mother. 

Today, I wanted to tell the world that this beautiful woman is no other than my mom and my friend.  I love this woman so dearly because I know that she love me without any reserve.

Happy Mother's Day Nanay!
I will always love you!

Of course I also wish a happy mothers day to my hon-hon's mother.  She is an amazing woman and a lovable just like any other mother in the world.

To ate Bing, to Ening, to Ate Wella, to Ate Jazzy and to all the mothers all over the world......  Happy Mothers day! 

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Anonymous said...

We love you and miss you alot Nanay ! HAPPY MOTHERS DAY !

Thomas & Laura