Friday, May 21, 2010

Do I need to enroll in a Gym?

I know that doing my daily exercises routine is one of my top fat burners but then I wonder why I am not really losing weight. Grrr!  I also cut down my carbo intakes but then I can't see any results in what I am doing.  Sometimes I am tempted to take any diet pills but then I am hesitant because of the side effect that it might bring to my body.  I also know that I have to see my doctor first before taking any of those.

Hmmm...  Do I sound desperate? I'm so sorry but then you can't blame me if I wanted to have a slender body just like any other girls in town.  Aside from the peer pressures of being fat, I am also worried about my health.  I am now on my way to getting old and one of the best way to keep me myself healthy is by making sure that I am always fit.

I'll be honest that I am also thinking of enrolling myself in a gym but since it has a cost involve I am thinking twice about it.  I used to go to the gym before but when I stopped working that was one of the things that I deprived myself.  Now I am thinking again if I need to enroll in a gym again or just probably increase my exercises routine?  Hmmm....  maybe I will just do the later.  LOL!


joy said...

hi sis! i have an award for you in my blog. please check it out. :)

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