Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Getting Back on Track?

Thanks God that I am already home when the rain comes down!  Yes, I just arrived few minutes ago because I was out of the house this morning to visit DBM office.  I was there to seek professional help from the career experts and I was just so glad when I learned that I can still avail their services even if my contract as Intel employee expired already.  I must admit that I am already desperate to get a permanent job as soon as possible.  But since I am still on the waiting stage I decided to seek their professional help again to help me jump start my career.

Part of it is getting started all over again.  I will be attending series of trainings which means I have to drop other things like my morning exercise because some of the trainings starts early.  Or maybe, I have to adjust my wake up call to 5:00 am, if not then maybe I will try one of the best weight loss supplements if I gain too much weight again.  Either way will do as long as I will be able to get the trainings I needed to jump start with my career again.

Tomorrow will be the start in rebuilding my career again.  I have an schedule consultation to check my resume then I will be attending the interview crafting.  Aside from that, there are also other trainings that I would like to attend such as Photoshop, How to make Online and many more.  Knowing that I still can attend trainings for free really excite me because it means that I can do something else aside from my freelance job.

Hmm.....  Wish me luck!

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