Monday, May 24, 2010

Girl's Bonding

Finally, after many cancellation, I and Mommy Jane were able to visit Glenda Gurl.  Way back in Intel days, I was able to worked with these two beautiful ladies.  We had a very healthy working relationship which soon blossom into a beautiful friendship.  Glenda and Jane are both married and they both have two kids (a boy and a girl).  It so happened that their daughters who are in the same age are both my goddaughters.  Because of the bond the ties the three of us, I couldn't deny it that they are like a family to me and I was really glad to finally have a chit chat with them last Saturday afternoon until evening.  I called that, a mega-bonding to a friendship that last. 

As usual, our meeting was so full of fun.  We had dinner at Glenda's house and eventually we decided to watched comedy movie at SM Dasma.  It was really fun to watch with someone you are close with.  I remembered the movie that I and hon-hon watched together.  While I, Glenda and Jane were having fun, their respective husband were also having their own boys thing at the Quantum.  I wish hon-hon was there to bond with the boys as well.  I am sure that they will really have fun together because Rommel (Jane's hubby) and Oliver (Glenda's hubby) are one of those good guys that I know.

Our Saturday was so full of fun and during those days, I always wish that my hon-hon is also with us.  Oh well, there are things that you have to patiently wait.  I know that one day, just like my friends, I and hon-hon will also have our own sweet time.  I am just so thankful that God bless me with a loving family, a loving boyfriend and many beautiful friends....  It is such a blessings.

Alright, here are some of our pictures last Saturday..........

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