Wednesday, May 26, 2010

He Made It!

Yay!  I was so happy when I learned that my one and only brother passed the LET board exam last April 2010.  I was really proud of him because out of thousands of teachers all over the Philippines, he belongs to those Professional Teachers who passed the board exam last April.  This means a lot for him because I know that this will open new opportunities for my brother.

I know that it is not easy to pass the board exam because of the large coverage of the topics included.  Although there is no security camera inside the examination room, the professors, the proctors as well as the PRC personnel are doing their rounds to make sure that all examine are doing the best of their ability to pass the exam.  Cheating is strictly prohibited during the exam and this can be ground for dismissal.

Nevertheless, I am confident that my brother will pass because I know that he did his best to prepare for the upcoming exam.  I also know that it never been easy for him since he is already a married with two kids but then again He Made It!  I am really proud of Him!

Congratulation brother dear!  You deserve it!

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