Sunday, May 30, 2010

Healthy Foods - Am I missing it?

How would you know if you are eating healthy foods?  I must admit that when it comes to food I am probably one of those people who never followed the food pyramid.  I ate what is available or whatever I feel like eating.

I know that importance of following the food pyramid but then again most of the time I chose convenience rather than planning a menu for the whole week.  I think this is also one of the reasons why I easily gain weight which sometimes tempting me to take any weightloss products.

Another reason why I never really plan for a week menu is that I live alone and it doesn't make sense to cook food while I know that I will eat alone.  Sometimes it is more tiring to prepare for yourself rather than you are preparing for someone special........

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Dorothy L said...

Hello Grace...I totally understand your dilemma on what to cook when living alone. I have raised a family and never ever had to wonder as my job was easy and everyone ate whatever I cooked. Now I am alone and I have had to change my diet from healthy to light and healthy. I eat a lot more salads, fish and omelette's and veggies as they are easily prepared.
It helps that I am not a meat eater so it is easier to plan simple and quick~