Thursday, May 20, 2010

Lovely Dress

It was too hot today so I decided to met my friends at SM mall near my place.  Since I arrived early, I decided to drop by at my favorite boutique to see their new dresses.  I was totally awed by this lovely dress and so I checked the price.  Since I haven't seen any tag price, I went to the cashier to help me out.  She used her barcode scanner to help us check the actual price.  Goodness!  The price is not so lovely after all.  LOL!  Too much for a dress! 

Oh well, somehow I expected it already.  Aside from the style, the brand also has something to say.  But maybe if I only have a regular job, I won't hesitate buying this lovely dress.  I like it after all.....  Hmmm, maybe some other time.  There are more important things than buying the dress. hehehe...

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