Thursday, May 20, 2010

Meet and Greet!

After one long year, I was able to see again one of my closest friend.  Like my bestfriend Wella and Rujhon, ate Ghie is also a graduate of the Sisters of Mary School.  She is ahead of us but nevertheless, we get along just fine.  I already knew her way back in high school since she was one of the best athlete we had.  She plays basketball so well and even compete with other schools way back in high school.  But since we were in different batches, we were not really able to become close during our high school days until I met her again in Hayakawa where we were both employee at that time.

That's the beginning of a new found friendship between us.  Then when I transferred to Intel, she was also able to get a job there a month after Intel hired me.  It was a new experience for both of us and we became more closer since we decided to live in the same boarding house.  She is like a sister to me and one of our bonding time was to play scrabble during our day off which most of the time took us the whole night before we finally say quit. LOL!

Then after Intel, she got married to an American guy and since then, she live with him in US.  I am happy for her because after so long she was able to find the man she wanted to get married.  I see how happy is right now and she got many stories about US and about being a wife.  I somehow envy her because of the fact that she already live with the man she love.  Hmmm... wondering when will it happen to me. LOL!

After more than a year, she decided to spend two vacation here and I am just so glad to see her again.  We had so much fun reminiscing the past.  Ate Sally and Terry were also with us yesterday and its like we had our reunion.  Just like before, we just enjoyed chatting while eating.  It was so much fun to be with your close friends.  Friends are indeed an angels on earth......

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