Sunday, May 30, 2010

Munster's Musing

Hello everyone!  My name is Munster and I'm mama Grace's favorite because I think I'm dada's favorite as well.  And take note that mama personally picked me when dada was about to leave Philippines and go back to Ireland.

You are maybe wondering why I am the one blogging right now.  Oh well, this is because mom have nothing to say right now.  So I make use of this time to introduce myself to the blogging world.  Again, you can call me little Munster and I will be a guest blogger here from now on.  LOL!

Aside from that I want to say hi to my dada who will be celebrating his birthday this coming June 1!  Yay!  Dada, happy birthday!  I wish I am with you to celebrate your birthday there but I couldn't leave mom here alone.  I need to be here to cheer her up especially when you are taking soo long to get online. LOL! 

Okey, that's all for today...  It's little Munster at your service.

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