Thursday, May 20, 2010

News from Singapore

Finally, Criz' family are now together in Singapore even just for awhile.  It was last Tuesday when my friend Criz and her daughter Kyla fly to Singapore for a month vacation.  This is also the time they were waiting for to enjoy the place as a family since Rod, her husband is working there.  It was a happy reunion and I seen that when I finally talked with them via internet.

For just a matter of three days, Kyla and ate Criz has so much stories to tell.  Kyla enjoyed the place because of the playground while ate Criz enjoyed the gym equipments like the treadmills, bicycle,weights and many other gym equipments there.  I don't know but this friend of my is just like me who is very conscious when it comes to our weight. LOL!

They also told me that they are planning to visit Malaysia as well.  Oh dear, it will just so much fun for them.  Well, I think their family deserve it after so many hardship they been through last year.  They deserve a break!

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