Thursday, May 27, 2010

So Tired....

I wish I can blog hop tonight but looks like I am lacking of energy to do that.  Whew!  I just arrived few minutes ago and I just feel so tired that I wanted to sleep early.  It's a long day for me but a fulfilling one.  I had a meeting with my DBM mentor who is coaching me in rewriting my resume.  I feel that I need to do this because as I said things just aren't right because until now I haven't got any interview yet.  I hope this move will help me get the job that I been looking for.

I spent so much of my time at DBM office rewriting my resume.  I was just so glad to meet some of ex-Intel employees there especially those people whom I worked with.  I am not yet done rewriting my resume because instead of doing the usual chronological arrangement I will turn it to functional highlighting my skills and accomplishments.  Here I am again, thinking of things to put there.  I have to review again my portfolio for me to easily remember my key accomplishment.  These things are giving me wrinkles which sometimes I think I need to get my own  prototype 37c to help me flatten my forehead. LOL!

I will have all day tomorrow to do it then I will have to go back to the office and meet my mentor again to check my work.  I really need professional help as I am not so good in doing my own resume. LOL!  After that, I will have series of trainings again to keep me updated and informed.

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joy said...

hi sis! thank you so much for your kind encouragement. i know that in HIs time, He will reveal His great plan for my life.

i hope you'll be able to find a wonderful job soon.

i'm always praying for you sis. :)