Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Thanks God... My Hon-hon is Finally Home!

There's no place like HOME!  That is really true.  After so many sleepless nights thinking about hon-hon's situation I was able to finally had a good night sleep last night.  Yes, I did!  It is because my hon-hon is finally home!  I couldn't contained my happiness when I finally talked with him again and this time our background was not the cafe anymore but his dining room.  I am so thankful that despite of what happened he was still managed to come back home safe and sound.

It was a terrifying experience and I wish hon-hon never gone through all the pain of that journey because he don't deserved that.  But sometimes there are things that are beyond our control especially when it comes to mother nature.  What we can do is to always be prepared wherever we go.  It is always good if we can have a back-up plan if something bad happened to us.  There's no guarantee anymore so we really have to be aware and stay alert. Like hon-hon, I also learned a lot of things from his experience and that is to really be prepared especially if you are going to a place not so familiar with you.  Aside from being alert, it is also important to stay focus when dealing with bad circumstances like this.  This will help you keep out from a lot of troubles.

I am so happy now that hon-hon is safely home.  I love him so much that I don't know what will I do if something bad happened to him.  I am just so glad that he is safe now although this also means that he might not be able to come here this summer.  So sad to think about it and I will be honest that it also affected me.  It is like I was dropped from seventh floor because I know that he won't be able to make it this summer.  But anyway, the important thing is...  he is SAFE and He is now BACK HOME!  Maybe, I just need to wait a little longer......

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