Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Thanks God... Things are Back to Normal

All I can say now is that...  Thanks God...  Things are back to normal!  Yes!  After all the fears of hon-hon not being able to go home because of Icelandic ash fall, things are getting into its right places.  I and hon-hon had several talked about the incident and after that we decided to dropped the subject and move forward to our plans.  We learned a lot from that incident.  We wish the it never happened but as I said that there are things that are not beyond our control.  Its a nightmare but then it also left many lessons in our life.  I am just so glad that no matter what kind of problems I and hon-hon have to face, we remain faithful to each other and it also made our relationship grow not only as a lover but as friends as well. 

Soon we will be turning one, and I am happy to share the world that I have a beautiful and amazing relationship to the man I love.  I know that we there will still more roadblocks that might come along our way but unlike before, I am more confident to face it because I know that I will never be alone.  I have this sweet, loving man in my life to depend no matter how far he is right now. 

I thank God for this opportunity that comes into my life.  I thank God because He allows me to met this wonderful man.  To my hon-hon, thank you darling for the unconditional love and care you unconditionally share with me.  Thank you for being my friend who never get tired listening to my stories no matter what it is.  I'm truly bless to have you!  I love you darling!

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