Saturday, May 8, 2010

Thinking about Hon-hon.....

I am so worried right now because I know hon-hon's dilemma in going back to Ireland.  He is in Spain right now because of the medical conference but was stacked there since all flights going in and out of the Spain are canceled due to heavy ashes from Icelandic volcano.  We just had a short chat a while ago and I can sense the tiredness and worries in his eyes even if he told me that he is alright. 

He really wanted to go back home now and finding other ways like going into ferry or hiring a car to help him transfer from San Sebastian to Madrid.  Then from Madrid he will find ways to get back to Ireland.  It will be a long journey for him but I know how he wanted to be back in the comfort of his home.  As for me, I just wanted him to be back home safe and sound.

Right now, I am still waiting for any news from him again whether he was able to book a ferry rent a car that will bring him to Madrid.  I cannot sleep and so I decided to read about the good review of Jillian Michaels about the Extreme Maximum Strength Calorie Control.  It somehow helped me get away my mind about hon-hon.  Now that I am done reading, I can't help but to think again the situation of my hon-hon in Spain.  How I wish that I can do something for him or how I wish that I am with him right now to help him solve this his dilemma. 

All I can do right now is to pray for him that he will soon be out in his situation right now.  I am more comfortable thinking that he is enjoying the comfort of his home right now rather than being in some foreign place.  I really pray to God that he will be home soon and he will have a safe and sound travel going back to Ireland..........

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