Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Munster's SM Escapade! Yay!

I really had fun yesterday because mama Grace finally agreed to join me in celebrating dada's birthday at SM.  Since dada was not around we just decided to eat at Mcdonalds because it is cheaper to eat there compared to restaurant. Hmm.. sometimes, I think that it is better to be in dada's care because he just love fine dining. hehehe...

But before that, I was sweating really hard because I couldn't get in at mama's bag.  Oh well, since I am a bear I should make some decency not to expose myself in what they called "people thing".  Duh?  I was just so glad that it rained the whole day yesterday and SM is fully air-conditioned so I still make myself comfortable inside mama's bag.  I'm peeping though to keep updated what's going on inside this huge supermarket and I was amazed with so many people passing by.  I think I should consider putting my own Munster's Mall?  What do you think?

Anyway, after we ate at McDonalds, mama Grace decided to roam around SM to buy time.  Oh well I don't really know how she can buy time.  I am just a bear to think those "people thing".  I am just so overwhelm by the happy ambiance inside SM that as if all the people there were really happy to be there.  Then we went to Blue Magic and guess what?  I think that's the place for little bears like me but of course I don't want to get stuck there displaying myself with a puppy eyes so that someone will own me.  I am happy being at the doll house with mama Grace taking care of me.

It was such a tiring journey for me that is why I was not able to blog about this Munster's SM Escapade.  Sorry guys for being a lazy bear last night.  But anyway, here I am blogging my SM escapade.

Just another Munster's story.  Watch out for more adventure to come....

Signing off... Little Munster!


joy said...

naku munster, naggala ka pala kahapon ha. hehehe. buti na lang nandyan ka para may kasama si mama grace mo palagi. alagaan mo siya ha. :)

grace, happy birthday to your hon-hon and happy anniversarry na rin! May your relationship be blessed and may your love for one another grow more and more each day.

hugs and kisses sis.

joy said...

hi sis! i have a new blog, its hope you can link it up in all of your three sites. i already put your links in my new blog already.

enjoy your weekend!