Sunday, July 4, 2010

Adrenaline Rush!

I am too excited to wake up this morning because I know that hon-hon will get online just like what he promised me.  Every time I know that it is our talking day I couldn't help myself but to get excited and energized that as if I took the best hgh supplement!  I know that I may sound weird but what can I do if that is what I feel?  This adrenaline rush gives me feelings of excitement and another level of enthusiasm which also become the source of my energy.

Every time that we talk means a lot to me because I know the efforts that hon-hon put into it.  He is busy man and he works almost 12-16 hours a day.  I also know how difficult it is for him because he needs to wake up or wait for me until 1 am since that is the time I usually wake up.  We are living in different time zone but then hon-hon never complained about it.  Oh well I used to especially if he can't get online because he is in the night shift.  I guess I have to be more patient about it and understand more our situation.

But since he promised me yesterday that he will go online again today, I can't stop this adrenaline rush of excitement run through me.  LOL!

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