Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Lovers and Friends

As I am enjoying my coffee tonight, I can't help but think about the sweet confession of my hon-hon.  I'm smiling right now as I am writing this.  I know that I am not a teenager anymore but thinking about what my hon-hon said makes me feel "kilig". hahahaha!  Oh I can't just help it.  Sorry guys but you can't blame me!  LOL!

I thought there is no such thing as lovers and friends but Hon-hon proved me wrong when he told me that I am not only a girlfriend to him but a bestfriend as well.  Oh, isn't it just so sweet?  Hon-hon becomes the strongest pillar that I can hold on today and the days to come because I know that he will never leave me alone especially during the most stormy weather of my life.  I know that he means every word that he said because he is a man of his words. 

He emphasized to me that he values me so much and he will always there to protect me.  Oh dear, I am overwhelm by the impact of his words because I know he meant it.  I love him so much and as I got to know him more, I couldn't help but feel so bless and thankful because I have him in my life....

I thank God because despite of everything He allows me to enter in hon-hon's life.  I also thank hon-hon because despite of my imperfection he loves me so much and he allow me to be what I am and he helps me grow to be a better person.

Thank you hon-hon and I love you so much.... my lover and friend!

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