Saturday, July 24, 2010

On Bended Knees

A friend of mine asked me if I have any idea on the best way to proposed to a girl he wanted to marry.  I just laughed because the truth is I really don't have any idea how it goes.  No one proposed to me yet and I don't even know if there will come a time in my life that someone will ask to marry me. LOL!  So bottom line I cannot answer his question.

But anyway I told him that it is not the size of the diamond engagement rings that matter but the sincerity of the marriage proposals.  Guys should be doing this thing not because it is the right thing to do but because they really want to do it.  It does not matter if you ask your lady on bended knees or you prepared romantic settings just to make it perfect but more than anything else is your willingness and the understanding why you wanted to bring your relationship to that certain level.  Do not propose just because you are being pressured by the people around you because it is sweeter to know that you took that courage with all your might because you wanted to be with your girl for the rest of your life...

I'm not sure if this will ever happen to me, maybe or maybe not but I will be honest that I am also dreaming that this romantic proposal will happen to me.  I think this is every lady's dream because it means getting into the next level of your romantic relationship to the person whom you love....

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