Saturday, July 10, 2010

Peer Pressure!!!

I am not sure if I am the only one experiencing a peer pressure like my weight, my height or even my singleness.  Sometimes I just laugh at them but there are times that it really gets into my nerves and really annoyed me.  Just like early this week when one of my neighbor brutally told me that I'm getting fat!  LOL!  Not that I am really bothered about that but then of course I want to maintain my weight and my figure not for them but for only for hon-hon.  So what I've done is check for possible products that I can use to lose my weight.  Huh!  I know hon-hon will never allow me to take any of those but then I still have to check for my peace of mind.  LOL!

Then just a while a go when one of my classmates way back in college messaged me in Facebook just to ask when I will get married and pushing me to get married soon!  Duh?  These people can't really wait for my decision.  I don't want to get affected but I think they just caught me in the wrong mood.  Or perhaps it really goes into my nerves this time that makes my blood to boil.  Whew!  I need more patience for this kind of people! 


joy said...

naku sis wag kang magpapressure sa mga tao sa paligid mo. if you're going to lose weight for health reason continue with it but if its because of other people don't. what's important is that your healthy and happy. i'm sure hon-hon loves you just the way you are. don't worry about it too much. you're beautiful inside and out and that's what matters the most.

oo , tutuparin ko yung promise ko sa yo. na postpone check up ko yesterday kasi wala pang result yung spirometry ko kaya hindi tuloy ako makakaattend ng recollection next saturday. basta matatapos rin itong challenge kung to tapos kitakits na tayo. :)

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