Friday, July 30, 2010

Thinking and Thinking!

I finally had a talked with my hon-hon this morning and I was so happy when I seen him.  I miss him so much because we were not able to talk for almost a week.  As usual we had fun talking and teasing each other and one thing that really makes me think is his birthday surprise for me.  I was asking what it is and he was just smiling at me.  He said a lot of things but I know he is cooking something.  Now that really makes me think the whole day and wishes that it is already my birthday!  LOL!

Hmmm..  What do you think hon-hon will give me?  Any idea?  I am really curious what it is because he said that he already knew what I want.  Thinking, thinking and thinking!!!  Oh dear, sometimes hon-hon caught me off guard.  I'm curious, excited, anticipating but more than ever I know that it will gonna be something that will surely make me happy.

Anyway, enough for this thinking.  I'm off to bed now because it's almost midnight and my laptop is now giving me some headache of always shutting down.  Grrrr...  LOL! 

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