Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tuesday - On Sale!

I was at the mall yesterday looking for some blouses that I can use when I seen the set of lingerie that I really like.  I like the color, the texture as well as the price but then I was hesitant to buy it.  Why is that?  First, it is not the main reason why I went to the mall.  That is not what I really need.  Second, I still have some of those that I seldom use so I think it will be no use if I add some more.  Third and important reason is that there's no one to appreciate it except me. Hahahaha!  Just kidding!  Oh well, I think that is one valid excuse not to buy it or probably I just don't have enough budget for that. 

Anyway, I proceeded to the blouse section and tried to fit some of the blouses that I like but you know what?  I was not able to buy anything. LOL!  The price is just a little bit high even it is already on sale!  I just went to grocery store and bought all my basic needs and went home.  Hmm...  Another day had passed and I am a day nearer to Friday.  Yay!

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joy said...

hi sis! anong meron sa friday? sorry, if it has been a while since i visited your blog again.

i'm just taking the time off from all the things that's stressing me out.

take care gracie and be happy always. xoxo