Sunday, August 15, 2010

Silver Anniversary of Sister's Of Mary School

Wow!  I couldn't imagined that we will be reaching this far.  The Sister's Of Mary School reached another milestone and just celebrated its 25th Anniversary yesterday.  I was there to witness the event and I was really overwhelm by the number of graduates gathered inside the campus.  Many of my batchmates also came and I was more than happy to see them again after 16 years.  Many of my batchmates are already married and some are still single like me.  It is like a grand reunion for all of us and I was really happy because after all the years we still managed to come back to the school that took care of us for four years.

I was once again witnessed the solemn mass of the students.  I imagined myself sitting in one of the chairs there 16 years ago.  I also saw one of my favorite teachers and I was so glad that she is still one of the teachers there.  She is really good way back then and I know she is even better now with 20 years of experience teaching the students of the Sister's of Mary.  We mingled with the sisters and more than happy to see the sisters who became part of our life in the Sister's of Mary.  They are like our mothers when we were still struggling as students of the Sister's of Mary.

Time flies so fast and I am really happy seeing the development of the Sisters of Mary.  I wish one day that I am also able to donate significant contributions for the well being of my Alma Mater.

Sister's of Mary is truly amazing.  It helped me to be what I am today and helped me to be a better person each day of my life.  I know that the values they teaches us make a difference to our life.  May the Sister's of Mary Family continues to grow every single year.....

I really had fun with all the chit chat and catching up with my highschool friends.  I also had fun playing with the students.  I enjoyed the talked with the sisters and my teachers.  I had a very beautiful and truly amazing Sunday because of that.  I even wish, hon-hon was with me that time so that he will be able to see the place that I been with during my younger years.  Well, maybe next time.....

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