Friday, August 13, 2010

When Waiting Seems Unbearable...

I know that I have to be patient in waiting for the right time that me and hon-hon can be together but then there are times that I feel so weak because it seems endless.  I am also asking myself when will the waiting gonna end especially when the feeling of loneliness enveloped my whole being.  Hon-hon already tried his best to bring me to where he is right now but then we never been lucky.  Sometimes I wonder what is wrong but I cannot answer it myself.  All I can do is to wait but sometimes waiting seems unbearable especially if you really wanted to make it happen.

I miss everything that we did when we were together and I think that makes it harder to wait and wait and wait for the right time to see him again.  Or probably I just miss him terribly that makes the waiting even harder.  I know that like me hon-hon is also suffering from the long separation but we have to be brave for each other.  May God bless our relationship that it will continue to grow no matter how far we are from each other.  I always pray that God will give both of us the power to understand, trust and love each other unconditionally because that is the only thing that will help us especially in most difficult time of our day.  We are both in pain because of this long separation and waiting seems unbearable but then despite of all these things I am still happy because our relationship gets stronger day by day.  I am thankful that hon-hon never gets tired of me and all I need to do is just to be patient.  

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