Thursday, September 16, 2010

Celebrating birthdays..

I haven't celebrated my birthday just like the way my friend celebrated hers.  The only thing that made my birthday special was the greetings from my family and my friend.  I got a call from my best friend Wella who is now living in USA, I also got a call from my mom which add to my excitement and happiness and of course I got a long talked from hon-hon, the man I truly love.  More importantly, I was able to attend Wednesday mass in Baclaran church which I had been planning as my birthday treat for myself.

I don't also need to use the appetite control pills that my friends are using because I did not have a lavish dinner that time.  I was planning to but then when I checked my budget it is not practical to do that.  Celebrating birthdays should not cost too much.  I always celebrate the simple way and aside from that there's no one to celebrate it with since I live too far from the people whom I wish I am with.  Anyway, I also had fun in my own simple way. 

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