Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Financial Protection

Alright!  This time I would like to talk about money matter.  I want to talk about this because whether we like it or not, we need money to live each day.  Not that we are greedy about it but that is the fact of life.  When I was still in the Sister's of Mary I thought money is indeed the roots of all evil but then I realize that all the things here on earth are neutral.  It is only us that can make it bad depends on the way we use it.

To be practical, we all need financial protection no matter what is our status in life.  There are many things we can do if we have cash or investments.  One thing that really hit me is the thought of being separated for the man I love.  If only I am rich I would probably be able to travel back and forth anytime I wanted to.  Another thing that I wanted to really do is being able to help my family level up the way they live right now.  Aside from that, there are still many things I wanted to do but I cannot do because I don't have enough money to do it.

What I am doing right now?  I am trying my best and working so hard to get more money.  I want to get rich, truly rich because of the people whom I love so much.  If it's only me, I am already contented the way I am right now.  But then, because of them I have to try harder and make the best in my own ability to be financially independent in the future.  One of my greatest dreams, to be able to live with the man I love without worrying of our finances.  I wanted him to retire soon. Will I make it?

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